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The Mini Remastered ‘Oselli Edition’ is a restomod hot hatch

Matching bespoke race suit and helmet are optional
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Remember David Brown Automotive? The company started out stripping old Jaguar XKs of their bodywork and fitting its own, Aston Martin DB5-like panels to make the controversial, £600,000 Speedback GT.

Then a couple of years ago, it revealed the Mini Remastered—a restomod that used upgraded versions of the original’s engine, transmission and chassis, but added, among other things, a plush new interior with all the mod-cons.

These Minis cost around £75,000 before options or personalization—of which much was offered. And now there’s an even more expensive one. Developed in partnership with specialist Oselli, the Mini Remastered ‘Oselli Edition’ is effectively a little hot hatch.

Its engine has been bored out to 1.4 liters, and the four-speed gearbox swapped for a fiver. There are also ‘SPAX’ adjustable dampers, bigger, better brakes, and wider tires/wheels. Various bits of trim differentiate the Oselli Editions from ‘normal’ David Brown Minis, such as dulled brightwork and a mesh grille with integrated LED spotlights. A bespoke race suit and helmet, in a livery to match your car, is an option.

Prices start at a whopping £98,000 (around P6.37 million). If you want a roll cage instead of rear seats, you’ll be asked to pay £108,000 (around P7 million). Only 60 will be made, in reference to 60 years of Mini, with the first deliveries scheduled for next year.

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NOTE: This article first appeared on TopGear.com. Minor edits have been made.

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PHOTO: TopGear.com
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