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Mar 17, 2015

Car-show girls

Yesterday, we posted a survey question on our Facebook page: Would you go to a motor show that didn't have booth babes?

It's for an article we're doing on car-show girls. As usual, many of our Facebook followers--more than 700 of them as we write this--had something to say about the matter. To cut the story short, most of them basically said, "yes, I will go to a car show even without booth babes because it's all about the cars and not the scantily clad ladies." Some of them even said they actually preferred a car show without female models, as the latter only got in the way of the automobiles. We bet not of few of these same guys make it a point to bring their cameras to car shows to take photos of the very models they swear are a mere nuisance.

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Anyway, one young lady by the name of Lhea Valenzuela Bernardino, who says on her Facebook page that she's an FHM model, took offense after reading the comments. (Lhea is the girl in the middle of the photo above, if we're not mistaken.) She then proceeded to compose a heartfelt message in defense of car-show models. Read it and maybe you'll have a different opinion of women who engage in this line of work. Here it is in its entirety (in italics and slightly edited for grammar and clarity):

I got somehow offended with the comments on this post, so here now is my opinion (well, nobody cares about opinions after all, so if you find it negative and against your ideas, you can ignore it).

It was our briefing yesterday for Ford (MIAS 2015) when one of the presenters told us to check out this post. I got curious so I checked it and read some comments. Some are below the belt and some are just rants, but the others are still understandable. To make it short, they don't like us. Here is my point of view, just to explain why there are car-show models at car shows.

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1. Not all of us are bimbos. Most of us are educated and have manners. I don't think that we are just there to stand, especially at big and corporate car shows like the Manila International Auto Show. We undergo briefings, and we are told to study our car brands. Also, the protocol is for us not to sell the cars, but for us to show that if we are asked, we have something to tell them (show visitors) and then turn them over to the sales consultants.

There are types of car shows where car-show babes shouldn't be present. Real and professional car-show models know when [not] to attend and accept a job if we think we are not suitable for the said event.

2. Conservativeness. It's really up to the model if she will allow herself to wear sexy clothes, right? If the client wants you to wear uniforms like that, but if you don't like it, you can still say no in a polite manner. I have lots of successful friends who don't wear sexy clothes just to have a car-show job. Just a reminder, not all of us are the same. Like me, I carry brands so I know that I have to take care of myself because I know that one mistake might affect them. Maybe this issue concerns the models who are newbies and the ones who are trying to fit in. I don't want to sound harsh but that's the truth. Put on some class and respect yourself. If you think you are not suitable, then don't [accept the job]. Models like us are being judged and criticized because of your low standards.

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3. The babes. Why are we here? You know, some car shows don't have a lot of fans, so they use models to attract audiences. Lalo na 'yung mga models na malakas humatak ng tao. (Especially those models who can really draw a crowd.) Audiences pay for the entrance fees, that's why event venues and organizers are somewhat making a profit. Because they are spending a big amount of money here, they don't want it all to be wasted.

So...don't blame us all. We are not all the same. I'm just defending myself and my co-models (the real models). Sometimes, you have to look at every angle before you say anything. I don't care even if I get bashed after this. Wala naman akong natapakan na tao. (I haven't stepped on anyone.) I'm still a person after all, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I'm just explaining and defending myself.

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God bless and thank you!

Photo from Bumper To Bumper's Facebook page

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