Rider club membership as a requirement to own a motorcycle? Readers share their thoughts

by Drei Laurel | Aug 5, 2022
PHOTO: Aris Ilagan

Recently, a bill further regulating motorcycle use and ownership was filed in the House of Representatives. It’s called the Motorcycle Safety Riding Act, and it basically aims to require all motorbike owners and riders to become a member of a Land Transportation Office (LTO)-accredited ‘rider club.’

LTO-accredited riders clubs are required to keep a registry of its member and must assist authorities in investigations that cover crimes committed with a motorcycle. They are also tasked with holding road safety training programs for all applicants.

New bill establishing LTO-accredited rider clubs requires membership among motorbike owners
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The fines can be pretty steep, too. Operating a motorbike without being a member of a rider club? You can face up to a P30,000 fine. You can learn more about House Bill no. 32 here.

A new motoring requirement? Naturally, Top Gear Philippines readers had a lot to say. Here’s a preview.


Readers react to the Motorcycle Safety Riding Act

The way I understood it, the government would like to pass their responsibility to the motorcycle clubs.” - Rafael Limbo

I’m a member of a club and an ex-officer of the club. It is a heavy burden on a civilian with a responsibility of a public servant to ensure all members adhere to law.” - Heinrich Yue

I've been riding motorcycles for at least 37 years. I have never been a member of any group coz I really love riding alone and just making friends along the way. I have never met any serious accidents while riding motorcycles. And suddenly ... this senseless bill?” - Pablo Reyes

What for? If LTO will implement proper seminar and testing then there will be fewer kamotes on the road.” - Dan Yatco

If this bill is to instill discipline for kamote riders why not just apprehend and fine them heavily? Instead of coming up impertinent ideas that could add additional expenses to get an accreditation from riders club by joining them.” - Wilfred Go

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Band-aid solution. Have HPG [Highway Patrol Group] evaluate the riders if they are really capable to ride motorcycles instead.” - Jed Rances

It will only entail additional expenses on the part of motorcycle owners! What LTO need is strict implementation of the laws because there are minors that drive motorcycles even without license.” - Jojo de Guia

No, I won’t support this idea. This is an added restraint and financial requirement. Driver’s education is enough and stiffer penalties for those kamote riders. and May we know who is the author of this bill?” - Ar Ben

No need! What is needed is for the LTO to ensure proper testing before issuing the motorcycle riders’ license.” - Joey Torres

Another layer of red tape and expenses. This not good!” - Ed Ramirez

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PHOTO: Aris Ilagan
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