Many of our readers say they bought their cars out of necessity rather than want

The pandemic was a factor for some
by Drei Laurel | Sep 20, 2021
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Wants versus needs can be tricky to balance—more so when you’re talking about a purchase as big as a car.

No matter where you’re from, cars don’t come cheap. That said, you really need to ask yourself if you’re heading to the dealership because you need one to get around (meaning you’re basically stuck in one place without one), or just because you wanted to own one.

We asked our readers, and it turns out many of you guys feel you jumped into car ownership out of necessity. For some, it was because of the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and others simply needed one because of growing families or safety reasons. Here’s what you guys had to say.

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“Para lang may mabili/mapaandar. I do get to use it when I want to go home sa province.” – Len Q

“Necessity. We use our car for going to and from work, and at the same time bringing and picking up the kids sa school. Basically, carpooling the fambam every day. With the car, we feel more safe, and it’s really convenient. No hassle commuting, lalo na pag umuulan. We live from the South and work/school in Makati, so sulit siya.” – Albert Guevarra

Need for safety reasons, especially during this pandemic.” – Christian Paule A. Hirbar

More than a necessity. It’s for my father, makita man lang siya before he passed away.” – Roldan Umali Calderon

“Motor lang okay na sakin kaso nagkaroon ng mga anak. Hindi maintindihan ng iba, akala nagyayabang ka lang kahit simpleng oto lang. Ewan ko ba bakit hindi nila makita yung peace of mind mo kapag ikaw yung nag-drive sa pamilya mo.” – Jayson Bisa Antig

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“Necessity. Kahit bulok auto basta masakay ko family ko.”- Wilvie Castillo Capiral

Necessity. I was fine commuting via UV Express, but then the pandemic came. All public fares ballooned to more than 100% of its usual price. So, yup, having a car is now a big necessity.” – Dani Nyuda

I bought it because I thought it was convenient. Then, when the pandemic happened, it became a necessity for safety purposes. So, no regret at all. It’s a good investment after all.” – April Rocutan Manaug

I believe first cars are out of necessity. Then all the follow-up ones are because you want them.” – Rebaone Mosonke

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