5 Things we don’t miss about driving and 5 things we do

We’re really looking forward to hitting the road soon
by Leandre Grecia | May 10, 2020
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PHOTO: Leandre Grecia

It’s been a while since we last hit the road, and to say that we miss driving is an understatement.

But we all know it’s not always a walk in the park, especially if we’re talking about driving in the metro. While we’re all very much looking forward to getting behind the wheel again, there are also a lot of aspects about driving that we know we’re happy we’re missing out on—we listed five of them here.

Of course, we still want to leave you on a high note, so we also followed this up with a list of the five things we miss most about driving. Read on here, and tell us afterwards if you share our sentiments.

The things we don’t miss about driving


1) Heavy traffic

Empty roads are the new norm nowadays, but we’re certain that won’t still be the case once this pandemic is over. We’re expecting the pleasant sight of a decongested EDSA to soon disappear, but we’re definitely not looking forward to it. Who likes getting stuck in heavy traffic anyway?

2) The hassle of parking

Well, we motorists know that traffic is just one of our many concerns in the metro—there’s always still parking to worry about, for example. We don’t know about you, but we’re not really enthused with the thought of running circles around a carpark just to find an empty slot.

3) Fuel expenses

With offices reopening and heavy traffic returning, it’s also inevitable that we’d have to gas up regularly again. That’s no fun, especially when we’ve been accustomed to seeing our gas tanks full for the past couple of months already. And even if fuel prices have dropped significantly dropped over the course of this COVID-19 crisis, those expenses will eventually add up.

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4) Coding

If you only have one usable car in your garage, you understand how troublesome it is for us on coding days. We only have three ways to get to the office: Drive out extremely early, hitch a ride, or take public transport. We all know how hard it is to do any of those, right?

5) The fatigue

Driving in the city is both mentally and physically draining. For motorists in Metro Manila, it’s a huge part of the daily grind. The overall stress from it is something that we’re not quite sure if we’re ready to experience again just yet.

The things we miss about driving


1) The chance to unwind

Yes, driving can sometimes feel like the most cumbersome chore in the world, but it also gives us the chance to unwind. That late night cruise or that weekend road trip out from the city—now that’s something we’d love to do again at the soonest time possible.

2) Driving other people around

One of the best feelings in the world is when you know you’ve helped someone out. Whether it’s an officemate who needed to hitch a ride, a friend you drove home after a night out, or your parents who asked for help on a grocery run—those are the simple joys we know we’ve been missing out on over the last few months.

3) Listening to our favorite music

We admit we’ve been spending a lot of time on Netflix and YouTube recently. That means we haven’t been listening to our favorite bands and artists for a while already. Once we finally have the chance to drive out again, we’ll surely make it a point to blast some good music as we hit the road. We might as well catch up on our favorite podcasts while we’re at it, too.


4) That feeling of driving home for the weekend

There’s a strong feeling of relief that you get when you embark on that home stretch after a long and hectic work week. Ah, yes, we remember the bliss of driving back home on a Friday night, terrible traffic notwithstanding. This is especially poignant for those who are from the province but live in the city during the workweek.

5) The plain euphoria of getting behind the wheel

It’s plain and simple: We love to drive. The sheer excitement of sitting behind the wheel is something we miss dearly. Those who love driving just as much as we do know exactly what we’re talking about… it’s that kind of euphoria that we’re eager to feel again the most.

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PHOTO: Leandre Grecia
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