This Toyota Camry won't be around much longer, but we still dig it

It's still the luxury sedan we yearn to have
by Jason Tulio | Oct 22, 2017

In the motoring journalism world, you would usually review a car not long after it's launched. Maybe you'll first get a feel for it during a media event or a short lend-out, then eventually do a longer drive once it's made its mark on the market. After that, you'll try out the next facelift or two over the years until the new generation comes along.

But it's a different matter altogether when you're reviewing a car on the tail end of its lifespan. Rather than experiencing what kind of new features it has to offer for the coming years, you view it through a different lens, instead finding out whether it still has something to offer to new customers.

Take the Toyota Camry, for example. The all-new version was revealed back in January, and we'd wager one cup of rice that it won't be long before it arrives here. And this review isn't just special because the current generation will be phased out soon. The variant that Toyota Motor Philippines lent us for this video, with its 3.5-liter V6 engine, has actually been discontinued. Unique doesn't even begin to describe this test drive. 

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So, is the V6 Camry still a good deal if you can find one? Click play to find out. 

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