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Utilitarians look at pickup trucks as purebred workhorses, while others (us included) see them as big toys. Toyota must've went ahead and asked "why not both?" in coming up with the Hilux Bruiser—a supersized replica of the legendary Tamiya toy box staple.

If you can recall, the Bruiser was an incredibly popular Tamiya-made RC model produced back in the '80s. The full-sized version created by Toyota is from the same team responsible for the Polar Hilux that conquered the arctic back in 2012. The results and attention to detail involved are very impressive, to say the least.

To keep with the original Bruiser's two-door build, Toyota went with the Hilux's extra cab model. It runs on rugged 17-inch wheels (chromed, just like the toy car) surrounded by flared wheel arches, a Fox suspension system, all-wheel drive, and a 148hp turbodiesel engine underneath the hood mated to a six-speed manual transmission.

The iconic "Hog Heaven" livery, decals and blue paint job are spot on, and the Hilux Bruiser even comes with an antenna and on/off switch on the truck bed—both just for show, of course. Some components have been wrapped in white vinyl to give off the impression of plastic, too. Like we said, attention to detail.

You can check out more of the Toyota Hilux Bruiser in the short but epic video above. What particular childhood toys would you like Toyota to get its hands on next?


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