The prototype Supra’s camo is now being sold as wrapping paper

It even bears the ‘A90’ chassis code
by Stephen Dobie | Dec 18, 2018

If you’re getting slightly frustrated that Toyota still hasn’t shown us the new Supra, diverting our attention with teasers, then don’t expect this news to cheer you up. Toyota has today released Supra wrapping paper, answering a question we’re sure no human being is asking.

“Wrapping Christmas gifts for the petrolhead in your life?” poses the Japanese carmaker. “Keep them guessing with this limited-edition wrapping paper, inspired by the 2019 Toyota Supra’s camouflage design.”

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Indeed, it’s the same red, white, gray, and black Magic Eye picture pattern that’s adorned prototype Supras thus far, complete with its ‘A90’ chassis code for extra nerd points.

It’s all for a good cause, you’ll be delighted to know: Only 500 packs of paper (comprising four sheets) are being sold for £5 (P334) each, with all of the money going to homelessness charity Crisis. And hey, you could always bag your own go in a new Supra by simply taking a few sheets down to your local BMW dealer, wrapping its Z4 relative up, then asking for a test drive.

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