The new Toyota Wigo is more macho inside and out

Here Wigo!
by Jason Tulio | Jun 30, 2017

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When it comes to mini hatchbacks, the Toyota Wigo has proven itself to be a dominant force of this diminutive domain. Since debuting in 2014, this little Toyota has become a popular choice among car buyers looking for an affordable ride from a trusted carmaker. Naturally, people were excited to see what the face-lifted version had to offer.

Turns out, it's got plenty. At first glance, you can see right away that its got a tougher edge to its look, thanks to a redesigned front fascia and sharper lines all around. Inside, there's a new touchscreen monitor and added seat trims, though the driving position is a bit hit and miss.

The biggest change here is the new VVT-i powertrain, which is a welcome change from the old sluggish one. Now, the acceleration is smoother and more refined.

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If you want to see more of the new macho hatch, check out our video above.

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PHOTO: Chira dela Cruz
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