The Toyota Yaris is like a Vios but with character

A subcompact with style
by Jason Tulio | Sep 12, 2017

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When you think of reliable, everyday commuter cars that are as common as extra rice, it's hard to look past the Toyota Vios. It's popular as a first car/taxi/ride-sharing unit for good reason: It's affordable, economical, and easy to maintain thanks to its reliability and widespread availability of parts.

One drawback of the Vios, however, is its lack of character. While not a big deal for the majority of motorists who see cars as appliances, it's a point of contention if you prefer your cars to have a lasting appeal. But all isn't lost. If you want something from the same carmaker for roughly the same price, you can opt for the Yaris instead.

Based on its exterior styling alone, you can tell that the Yaris has more of a personality than the ubiquitous Vios. And it's a hatchback, too, which is criminally underrated in these parts. To know more about this subcompact, click play on our video. Don't forget to discuss your thoughts in the comments. 

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