Video: A 4-year-old takes control of a Volvo truck and rams it through stuff

Now this is what we call fun
by Drei Laurel | Dec 8, 2015

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We think it's a given that no one should ever leave a vehicle in the hands of a kid. In fact, leaving a child alone inside a car is a big enough mistake in itself. It's reckless and irresponsible, and it puts other motorists at risk. But in the case of this Volvo Trucks gimmick, we think we'll have to make an exception.

Volvo Trucks takes remote-controlled toys to an entirely new level in its new marketing video called Look Who's Driving, by letting a four-year-old tyke named Sophie handle a full-size truck through a specially made obstacle course inside a gravel pit. Sophie is handed a remote control, and what follows is an epic display of absolute destruction.

It's almost immediately apparent that a toddler should have no business manning the truck, even via remote. She slams through every obstacle the organizers have prepared for her, including a small house (running over a GoPro camera in the process). The truck even does a full barrel roll down the side of a mound of dirt. If anything, this video is a testament to the truck's durability.

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Of course, we can't know for certain if Sophie was actually in control of the truck. For all we know, she might just be holding a controller for show. Still, it's a lot more fun (not to mention a lot cuter) to think that all that devastation was caused by someone who only recently learned how to walk.

Watch the video.


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