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Ken Block's Ford Escort

In Ken Block's last Gymkhana video, we saw him drive the insane 845hp AWD Hoonicorn RTR, which was based on the bodyshell of a 1965 Ford Mustang. This time, he's going for another old-school Ford, his personal 1978 Mk2 Escort RS purchased in 2008. Of course, with Ken Block and Hoonigan Industries involved, you know this won't be like any other Escort you've seen before.

Block's Ford Escort Mk2 RS started life as a rally car set up for tarmac events. His goal was to bring the Escort's capabilities to the next level--the next, next level, to be more precise. This is what Block calls the ultimate rear-wheel-drive gymkhana car.

By looking at its sinister matte-black exterior, you know that this Escort is one badass machine. Kei Miura's Rocket Bunny Aero Kits was commissioned to create a uniquely wide bodykit for this car. It features prominent wheel arches on all four corners, a front airdam and a classic-looking ducktail spoiler. Finishing off the look are custom retro-looking two-piece Fifteen52 wheels wrapped in low-profile Pirelli tires. The overall package blends modern styling elements with a classic design. The interior is pretty much what you'd expect from a rally car, stripped down with a roll cage for safety.

Here are some juicy bits about what makes this gymkhana rocket go. Under its star-spangled hood is a naturally aspirated 2.5-liter four-cylinder Millington engine, which pumps out an amazing 333hp and revs to a high 9,000rpm redline. It's paired with a six-speed sequential gearbox, which channels power to the rear wheels. This epic drivetrain combined with a small lightweight body is definitely a recipe for awesomeness.

UK-based Quick Motorsport, which specializes in building and maintaining competition cars particularly Escorts, was tasked to build this machine. While Block's little rocket won't make its big-budget video debut until 2016, he and his Hoonigan team have provided videos of the car in action. Watch this.


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Andrew Guerrero
Andrew has a passion for cars, both old and new. He prefers a good ol' manual transmission and feels sad when a new car model isn't released with one.
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