Video: Restaurant-hopping around Sagada, anyone?

Road trips are more fun with food
by Tracy Carpena | Oct 11, 2015

Sagada food trip

It's no secret that the Top Gear Philippines team loves to eat. We don't blame motorization and car ownership for our round bellies and increasing body-fat percentage, as some studies revealed. Long drives and food trips just go well together, so we shoot two birds with one stone every time we leave the confines of our office.

(Watch: We drive Isuzu trucks to Sagada and share road-trip tips along the way)

For our annual editorial planning held in Sagada, we carefully designed our itinerary with Isuzu Philippines to include pit stops for some gustatory indulgence. And we were not disappointed. The pesco-vegetarian and lacto-ovo-vegetarian team members had a variety of choices. The meat lovers, meanwhile, were surprised with the delicious vegan delights of Gaia Café & Crafts.

Watch the video below to find out where else we brought the Isuzu MU-X for restaurant-hopping around Sagada. The vehicle had more than ample room for our horizontally growing bodies.

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