Video: The Mini Clubman is a trusty road-trip companion

We just drove this quirky hatchback
by Dinzo Tabamo | Jul 12, 2016

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When you think of road trips, you usually imagine bringing along turbodiesel SUVs that can clamber over never-ending roadworks in the provinces. If a midsize ute is too big, you bring a crossover at least.

Until recently, one of the last vehicles to be considered for an out-of-town jaunt would be a Mini. The brand's vehicles boast agility that is useful when overtaking buzzing tricycles on the national highways, but they’re traditionally cramped and have limited seating. Well, not anymore.

To a little consternation among the Mini faithful, the new Clubman has been enlarged and lengthened. The great thing about this, we found out, is that it is now a comfortable hauler even for four adults. Perfect for your squad of trusted companions.

And despite its growth, the Mini Clubman hasn’t lost its athleticism. It’s thoroughly enjoyable on the less congested side roads and two-way highways outside Manila.

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Now when we think of road trips, a wide-eyed hatchback with a roomy cabin comes to mind.


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