Video: This Lexus NX has the coolest wheels ever

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by Gerard Jude Castillo | Dec 30, 2015

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There are plenty of ways to customize a car. Some people go for the simple look via a few minor modifications. Others opt for the wilder side, courtesy of insane bodykit that alters the car’s appearance altogether. Yet probably nothing will top this Lexus NX with a set of wheels and tires made entirely out of ice. Of course, these aren’t just any regular ice cubes that were slapped onto the vehicle--these were specially crafted by experts.

Lexus commissioned renowned London-based Hamilton Ice Sculptors with an extensive 35-year history of producing some of the most fascinating works of art. The Lexus project was the first of its kind, and was achieved through careful precision and a bit of engineering. Each of the four wheels, for instance, was done by one sculptor taking up to 36 hours per piece. The sculptures were done to mirror exact replicas of the SUVs steel and rubber counterparts, using Japanese shaping tools and chisels. The wheels even took after the same tread pattern as the real thing.

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To ensure that the icy wheels and tires could withstand the weight of the vehicle, acrylic inserts were added. Moreover, the water was taken from a flowing stream for that "crystal clear" effect. Finally, LED lighting was added for an even more dramatic touch.

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The entire project took three months of research and tests. To keep things nice, cool and shiny, the NX was frozen at temperatures of up to -30 degrees. And yes, the car was drivable, taking its maiden voyage down an icy London road.

We guess you could say these are the coolest wheels ever made. Check out the video above.


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