Watch: The Toyota Innova makes for an ideal day trip vehicle

Considerably more refined than the last one
by Drei Laurel | Jan 19, 2017

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The all-new Toyota Innova received its fair share of hype entering the local market last year. But just how much better is the current-generation model compared to its predecessor?

The answer? Significantly better, as we found out during a short road trip down south with the popular Japanese seven-seater's top-spec 2.8V variant. We drove the vehicle to Nuvali and Tagaytay for an overnight stay where we recharged and ate to our heart's delight.

Along the way, the MPV's refined interior, cozy seats, and impressive features enveloped us in the type of quality and comfort we've come to expect of the Toyota workhorse, and then some. Frankly, by the end of the drive we sort of wish we had chosen a further location to spend more time with the MPV.

Want to see more of the Innova? Press play on the video above. You'll be yearning for a quick trip out of town afterwards.

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PHOTO: Chira dela Cruz
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