Watch: We make a behind-the-scenes video of our Toyota Hilux cover shoot

In which it conquers a difficult trail
by Tracy Carpena | Sep 14, 2015

Toyota Hilux

Toyota's best-selling pickup nameplate is back in the truck game. In addition to the all-new everything (engine, body and interior) of the Hilux, rear differential lock also made it into the brawny vehicle. "It's sort of like a bail-out mode to extricate your vehicle in very tight situations," writer Andy Leuterio says of the feature.

And because it's one of our cover vehicles this month, we drove a pair of Hilux units (4x2 MT and 4x4 AT) to Rizal. It was a great way to test its off-road capabilities.

"This is a truck that somebody will probably buy and keep for 10 or 15 years until it finally crumbles--but it probably won't," Andy notes in the video.

To see how it performs, watch the video below. Or you may also grab a copy of our September 2015 issue. And you may download the digital version if you prefer a soft copy, which comes with an exclusive video of the covers, the Toyota Hilux and the Ford Ranger.

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