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Ford Mustang Speed Dating

Two days before Valentine's Day. It's dating season, in other words. This is no time to sulk in one corner and listen to Ed Sheeran while you check out your friends' social-media posts about their romantic dinners. On the contrary, this is the perfect time to go out there and find that someone who could be your future better half.

But how do you do that? It's always easier visualized than done. And don't dare mention "Tinder," which, by the way, is teeming with creeps both male and female.

Fortunately, for a handful of guys in the US, American carmaker Ford hooked them up on a blind date with a gorgeous lady. There were just a couple of details withheld from them:

1. She's a professional stunt driver; and

2. She has a Ford Mustang parked outside.

When the girl asked the guys (one at a time, of course) if they'd like to ride in her "car" while she drove, they all agreed. Initially, she pretended to suck at driving--even dropping the "I don't really know how to drive a stick" cliché, prompting one guy to offer to drive the car instead. Another guy said: "Let me drive it; I will show you what this thing can do."

But that's nothing compared to yet another dude who claimed he was a ninja.

Anyway, she brought them all to an empty parking lot and proceeded to "introduce herself" the best way she knew how. And that's when you need to watch the video. Enjoy.

Oh, after watching, tell us if you think this was real, or the men were just actors paid to follow a script.


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