Best of YouTube: Who doesn’t love a girl who’s into cars?

by Lije Martin | Mar 13, 2019

She drives it like she stole it

In some cultures, coming face to face with a car girl is almost like seeing a four-leaf clover. You sit there mesmerized as you deal with being in the presence of a real-life Letty from The Fast and the Furious. Unfortunately, you’re no Dominic Toretto.

When passenger becomes driver 

As passengers, we’ve all experienced stomping on imaginary brakes when the driver goes too fast or comes to a stop later than we’re accustomed to. This is the same, but unlike in driving school, the pedal in the passenger footwell doesn’t control the brakes.

What’s your automotive confession?

As car enthusiasts, a lot of what we know about tinkering with our own cars comes from trial and error—and some stories are better left untold. These guys share some rather embarrassing automotive confessions.

Kei-car drifting, anyone?

Most people associate drift cars with wide fenders and wide tires. So the words ‘kei car’ and ‘drift’ in the same sentence seems like an odd fit (although the Initial D anime featured a wicked Suzuki Cappuccino drift car). These dudes, however, prove that kei cars can be just as much fun going sideways as your usual decked-out drifting maching.


Headphones required

Watch and listen to this guy assembling a Subaru engine. You can hear every crisp detail, from the tightening of screws to the engine’s first run. Put on your headphones and enjoy.

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