Best of YouTube: The iconic ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ Eleanor Ford Mustang

With a $2-M price tag
by Lije Martin | Jun 27, 2019

Not just any other Mustang

If you’ve seen the movie Gone in 60 Seconds, then you might recognize this car. Yes, this is the actual Eleanor Ford Mustang that Nicholas Cage drove in the film, and seeing it in action outside of the big screen makes it even more awe-inspiring, especially for the fans.

This Neon-painted GT-R is bound to grab your attention

As if the Nissan GT-R wasn’t wide enough out of the showroom floor, this owner has fitted his with a Carbon Shogun widebody kit. The modification definitely makes the car’s overall stance more aggressive, and wearing that color and large wing, this thing looks straight out of Need for Speed.

Speaking of Need for Speed...

This video had us thinking for a minute: Was it really filmed on camera, or do we have to ready our next paychecks for a new version of the game? Kidding aside, every angle of this video is spot-on, and if this were an actual video game, we’d probably not be able to show up to the office for a long time.

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A VTEC Mini has purists smashing tea cups

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a JDM-inspired Mini Cooper, and we doubt it’ll be the last. With the Mini’s light weight, VTEC engines really bring that extra oomph to the car. Purists won’t be happy, but hey, if it’s your build, build it how you want it, right?

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