Best of YouTube: When boost is life

Turbo spools and more
by Lije Martin | Mar 26, 2019
PHOTO: Speed Dude 370Z on YouTube

Go ahead and gunnit

Owners of turbocharged vehicles experience boost differently when they step on the gas. For some, it involves suspenseful anticipation as boost slowly builds up—then all of a sudden propels their car forward. For others, it’s a predictable gas-and-go kind of thing. Either way, hitting boost at the right time and in the right place is usually rewarded by a commanding feeling of acceleration that never fails to put a smile on your face.

Sometimes, the beeping noise isn’t enough

Everyone pretty much knows that seatbelts are important—they’re one of the earliest car safety features made to help keep us safe in a crash. That said, there are still people out there who don’t buckle up when they go for a drive. To combat this, some manufacturers add beeping seatbelt indicators to remind the vehicle’s occupants to put on their seatbelts. But when that’s not enough, maybe this will do the trick...

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Honda fans, you’ll want to see this

This man has a garage that will make many Honda enthusiasts want to live there. Located in Guatemala, his impressive collection houses an original J’s Racing S2000, an Integra DC5, an EP3 Civic Type R, and a first-gen Civic, to name a few. Take a look at this awesome haven of Hondas.

Some coilovers specific to your needs

Coilover suspension modifications are made for different purposes, and depending on that purpose—whether it’s to get rid of wheel gap, slam your car to the ground, shave seconds off your lap time, or just generally get better handling out of your car—there’s almost always a type of coilover setup for everyone. Here’s a list of cool coilovers to take into consideration for your ride.

A pretty badass build

Are there any riders reading this segment? If yes, then check out this time lapse of a café racer build based on a Honda CM400. What do you think of the custom stripped tank?

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PHOTO: Speed Dude 370Z on YouTube
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