Best of YouTube: Experience drifting as a virtual reality passenger

It feels as if you’re actually in the bucket seat.
by Lije Martin | Sep 5, 2019

Virtual-reality drifting, anyone?

Control which way you face during this drift session. Using a 180-degree camera, this guy gives you a taste of drifting by looking where you want, when you want, as if you were in the actual passenger seat yourself. Pretty cool.

The Volkswagen diesel hybrid that never saw production

This Stormtrooper-reminiscent model from Volkswagen takes fuel efficiency to a whole new level. This is the Volkswagen XL1, a diesel hybrid capable of—get this—110km/L. Though acceleration is a struggle in this car, would the fuel efficiency have been worth the sacrifice had it gone into production?

What exactly are driving gloves for?

Aside from providing you with additional grip on the steering wheel when you need it most, did you know that driving gloves are a requirement in professional races, mostly to protect your hands in a fiery crash? Check out this video to know more about what driving gloves can do for you.

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A 350Z drift-build time lapse

This drift-spec Nissan 350Z is a perfect example of the statement ‘built not bought.’ Starting from scratch with a stock body, this car has gone through three years of progress—and counting. With that said, here’s three years compiled in 10 minutes. Let the transformation begin!

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Twenty minutes of tuner-scene bliss

Do you love quality cruising clips and glamour shots? Then here’s a little something for you. Sit back and relax to 20 glorious minutes of some of your favorite tuner cars, built to impress and presented in amazing quality. The tuner scene is indeed a sight to see.

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PHOTO: ChrisFix (from YouTube)
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