The new 2019 Toyota Avanza starts at P731,000

Toyota Motor Philippines just made the quiet reveal
by Jason Tulio | May 3, 2019
PHOTO: Toyota Motor Philippines

We Filipinos love our seven-seaters. And that affinity makes sense, really; they’re versatile, family-friendly, and able to carry a lot of passengers in one go. All those things are useful in a congested country like ours. 

One of the more popular seven-seaters in the country right now is the Toyota Avanza. Though the current generation of the MPV is getting on in age—it was launched all the way back in 2012—it remains a ubiquitous presence on our streets. Now, customers can expect a fresh face from the popular badge.

Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has just quietly revealed the face-lifted Avanza in a short video:

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Pictured in the video is a new Veloz variant, and there are some changes worth noting. The air intake is now bigger and sports a horizontal pattern, with the plastic extending to the foglights. The new grille is thicker and somewhat resembles the one on the all-new Hiace. The headlights, meanwhile, now have a split pattern and sport new LED headlamps. 

We don’t know yet if there are any big changes under the hood of the new Avanza (though the video indicates 1.3- and 1.5-liter variants like before), but we do know that prices will start at P731,000. That’s a P10,000 bump from the old base 1.3 J. We’ll have more info for you guys once TMP shows it off in the metal. 

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PHOTO: Toyota Motor Philippines
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