Kia teases us with rear-wheel-drive turbocharged concept sports car

Could this be Kia\'s 1st bona fide sports car?
Jan 3, 2014


As the Detroit Auto Show draws closer to its January 13 opening day, carmakers are teasing us with what they\'ll be unveiling at the event, the latest of which is Kia and its GT4 Stinger concept sports car.

Conceived at the Korean carmaker\'s Irvine, California, design studio, the GT4 Stinger is a 2+2 concept sports car that is powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine delivering all 315 of its horses to the rear wheels.

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The car also sports the lowest iteration of Kia\'s signature grille, resting just a few inches off the ground. Vertical LED headlights adorn the front fascia, while front brake-cooling vents channel air around its 20-inch wheels. A carbon-fiber front splitter provides additional downforce and keeps the GT4 Stinger’s front tires planted to the tarmac.

Do you think this is a mere styling exercise, or is it possible that Kia is seriously considering bringing this into production in the near future?

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