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A new Lamborghini Countach is on the horizon

PHOTO: Lamborghini on Instagram

The Lamborghini Countach officially turned 50 this year. In celebration, the carmaker took us on a quick trip down memory lane and shared the story behind what eventually became one of the brand’s most iconic nameplates ever.

That, however, wasn’t all that Lamborghini was cooking on the Countach’s 50th birthday. The Italian marque was actually working on the next-generation model already. In fact, it’s supposedly set to debut soon.

In an Instagram post, Lamborghini shared a photo of the next-generation model—albeit still under wraps, of course. Look:

Frankly, we have no details to show for. We’ve no idea if this really is a Countach or if it’s just a special-edition Huracan or Aventador. No word, either, whether or not it’ll be part of Lamborghini’s electrification plans, so we don’t know if this is that two-door 2+2 Lambo that the company’s CEO was talking about a while back.

Nevertheless, with all that being said, we’re still stoked. Lamborghini says this one’s a “Super Sports Car like no other,” after all, so this has to be pretty good. It has to be. Anyway, what about you guys? Looking forward to finally seeing the modern-day Countach, too?

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PHOTO: Lamborghini on Instagram
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