Top Gear Philippines Philippine Car news - Red, black are most popular colors for all-new, sixth-generation Ford Mustang

The all-new, sixth-generation Ford Mustang is the nameplate's first truly global model. Not only is it being sold worldwide for the first time, it is also available as either left- or right-hand-drive, which is another first.

With the Mustang on sale in the United States since late 2014--followed by China early this year and Europe a few months from now--Ford has revealed the popular exterior colors for its iconic sports car in the above-mentioned markets.

While white remains to be the popular choice in the United States for most vehicles, for the Mustang, black is the top choice in the country, followed by Magnetic Metallic and Ruby Red.

For Europe, Race Red and Absolute Black are the top colors, accounting for 20% each of the 1.1 million Mustangs that have been configured on Ford's European websites so far. Deep Impact Blue comes in as the third-most popular color choice for the Mustang across the continent.

In China, 35% of the orders placed for the Mustang are for Race Red, followed by Oxford White at 20% and black at just under 20%.

If you were to buy the all-new Ford Mustang, what color would you pick for its paint job?

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