The new Ford Ranger Wildtrak is coming

Official photo and info released
by Dinzo Tabamo | Jun 11, 2015

Ford Ranger Wildtrak

Last we saw the updated Ford Ranger, it was climbing down a steep ramp and wading through a mini pool. That was the global reveal in Bangkok, Thailand, in March this year. The look of the new Ranger is consistent with the design of the all-new Everest, and so Ford’s pickup/SUV mechanical twins are visually coherent once again.

We’ve been wondering when the face-lifted Ranger will arrive in our market, and we've just received confirmation that our wait is coming to an end. Ford Philippines has actually done better and released information on the Ranger Wildtrak, the more accessorized variant of the American carmaker's best-selling pickup.

Ford designers worked on emphasizing the tough design. They put a dark, liquid metallic-gray finish on the trapezoidal grille with strong outboard nostrils. This accent is also used on the side mirrors, door handles, side air vents, bed rails, and taillights.

Rectangular fog lights and a unique sports hoop give the Wildtrak a more technical and refined experience. It sits high on 18-inch wheels and calls attention with its Wildtrak graphics. Even the signature orange color has been enhanced to make this pickup stand out, whether in the city or in the jungle.

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"The accent colors on the Wildtrak help to punch out the architecture of the fascia, and make what is already a very bold design even bolder--it’s instantly recognizable on the road," said Dave Dewitt, exterior design manager for the Ranger Wildtrak. "The result is more sports-focused and purposeful, and a perfect companion for a weekend getaway with a surfboard, kayak or quad bike."

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In the cabin, orange is also used to add sportiness to the cabin. The soft-touch instrument panel even has orange accent stitching for a more premium feel. Finally, the rings around the air vents have a shadow chrome finish, supposedly inspired by high-end machinery.

As expected, the features recently unveiled with the regular Ranger make it to this Wildtrak. To recap: SYNC 2 in-car connectivity, lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, driver impairment monitor (uses on-board sensors to detect drowsy drivers), parking sensors, and dual-TFT instrument clusters.

Other features to look forward to are Hill Launch Assist (lets you drive easily on a slope), Hill Descent Control, Adaptive Load Control (adjusts stability control based on vehicle load), and Emergency Brake Assistance.

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Of course, the class-leading 800mm wading depth and 230mm ground clearance is still here. And it seems like the electronic locking rear differential we saw on the new Everest is also present. Power comes from a 3.2-liter Duratorq five-cylinder turbodiesel that generates 197hp and 470Nm.

If you’re already salivating now, you only have a few months to wait. According to Joseph Ayllon, Ford Philippines' assistant vice president for communications: "We’re looking to start retail sales in September." And that places it around the same time as when the new Everest will officially go on sale. It looks like the fourth quarter of 2015 will be a busy year for Ford, not to mention the competition.

To get us excited even more, Ford is teasing us with a short video featuring its upcoming new truck.


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