Honda still No. 1 in quality perception among Filipinos

44% apparently think so
by Vernon B. Sarne | May 2, 2012

Honda No. 1 in quality perception among Filipinos

Last week, we asked people on our Facebook page the following question: "Which of the following 10 mass-market car brands do you perceive as having the best product quality right now?" We included these car brands on the list of choices: Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Suzuki and Toyota. We left out Subaru because we can't exactly call it "mass-market" with its pricing, and Isuzu because it doesn't offer a single passenger car.

It began as a simple question borne out of sheer curiosity on our part, but as the votes piled up (now at 1,241 total votes as we write this), we realized a few things that we feel make the results worth sharing here on our official website.

First, a perception of high quality won't always result in good sales. That's because product quality is just one factor in the purchase of a motor vehicle. There are a lot more factors involved in a buyer's decision-making, foremost of which are pricing and exterior design. So, a car brand may rank high in quality perception but place low in actual sales if it has issues with pricing, styling or even supply. Conversely, a brand may rank low in quality perception but place high in sales if its cars are priced competitively or designed well.

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Second, a poll done on Facebook seems a lot more credible than one posted on another website (like ours, for instance). That's because on Facebook, people don't vote anonymously. They vote with their name on it. And they can vote only once, not repeatedly as we suspect some people do on other polls that don't require respondents to divulge their true identity.

Anyway, enough with the prattle. Let's reveal the results.

In first place is Honda, still the runaway winner in the quality-perception game with 545 votes (44 percent). In distant second place is Toyota with 223 votes (18 percent). Rounding out the top three is Ford with 120 votes (9.7 percent).

Mitsubishi is fourth with 92 votes (7.4 percent), followed by Chevrolet with 83 votes (6.7 percent), Hyundai with 55 votes (4.4 percent), and Nissan with 52 votes (4.2 percent). The rest are Mazda with 34 votes (2.7 percent), Kia with 23 votes (1.8 percent), and Suzuki with 14 votes (1.1 percent).


1. Honda - 545 votes (44 percent)

2. Toyota - 223 votes (18 percent)

3. Ford - 120 votes (9.7 percent).

4. Mitsubishi - 92 votes (7.4 percent)

5. Chevrolet - 83 votes (6.7 percent)

6. Hyundai - 55 votes (4.4 percent)

7. Nissan - 52 votes (4.2 percent)

8. Mazda - 34 votes (2.7 percent)

9. Kia - 23 votes (1.8 percent)

10. Suzuki - 14 votes (1.1 percent)

So, do you agree with the poll's results? Hit the comment box if you have something to say.

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