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Ayala’s auto division to launch six new car models, six showrooms in 2021

It’s already looking like a big year ahead for AC Motors
PHOTO: Sharleen Banzon

It’s already looking like a big year ahead for AC Motors. The company has just revealed its plans to launch six new models and open six new showrooms in 2021.

“As a show of our confidence and commitment to the industry, our distributor brands are working on launching at least six models (in 2021),” said AC Motors automotive group president Antonio ‘Toti’ Zara III. “We are also planning to open six company-owned showrooms across our five auto brands in addition to franchised appointments.”

Ayala has five automotive brands under its belt, namely: Honda, Isuzu, Volkswagen, Kia, and Maxus; the last three of which AC Motors owns the exclusive distributorships of. The company, however, has yet to reveal what vehicles from which brand are on their way over to our market, so we’re all just trying to guess here.

Now, what AC Motors did confirm is that it aims to achieve at least a 10% market share by 2025. That’s a pretty tight deadline, so we’re eager to see what strategies the company has up its sleeve to do this.

“We acknowledge that the local market still needs to recover from the devastating effects of an ongoing pandemic,” added Zara. “But history has shown the resilience of our automotive market, time and again, through all manner of crises—and we are confident that this time will be no different.

“Through all these times, whether facing challenges or opportunities, we at AC Motors have always placed our customers—the Filipino motorists—at the front and center of our plans. Our unwavering commitment to serve our customers and provide them the products best suited for their needs have kept us moving, adapting, growing, and innovating,” he concluded.

What say you of this announcement from AC Motors? What vehicle would you like to see the company launch here this year?

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PHOTO: Sharleen Banzon
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