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Carousell is looking to take over the ASEAN car classifieds scene

Say hello to the Carousell Auto Group
PHOTO: Carousell

Car manufacturers are turning their attention to the online world? That’s cute. The car classifieds scene has been at it for quite some time already. Now, Carousell is looking not just for a slice of the online auto buying industry—it wants to gobble up the whole thing.

The online classifieds and marketplace platform has announced the launch of the Carousell Auto Group. The company says this is another step towards its goal of “regional autos dominance in Southeast Asia,” and making buying cars a “magical experience.”

Magical is nice, but to be honest, we’ll settle for easy and convenient, too. Thankfully, Carousell looks like it’s up to the task. 

Carousell claims it is now the most-visited automotive classified platform and has one of the largest automotive listings inventories in the region. In a statement, Carousell co-founder Lucas Ngoo declared that the company aims to turn the Carousell Auto Group into a “one-stop-shop for everything autos-related.”

“Soon, our users across the region will be able to sell and buy their cars quickly in a seamless manner, and have access to the entire autos ecosystem of workshops, accessories, and services,” he said, adding that Carousell will be introducing exciting new features to its markets in the near future.

Considering everything we’ve learned over the past year because of COVID-19, the future for online car sales looks as bright as ever. Would you ever consider buying a vehicle from a platform like this? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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PHOTO: Carousell
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