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Toyota Yaris with TRD accessories

A couple of weeks ago, Toyota Motor Philippines formally launched the all-new Yaris subcompact hatchback. In our report, we mentioned that TMP had displayed at the launch party in Resorts World a Yaris unit sporting TRD accessories. At the time, however, we couldn't tell you how much exactly a Yaris with TRD bodykit would cost you, as Toyota didn't provide information in this regard.

That information has now been transmitted to us. According to TMP, the TRD bodykit for the new Yaris is basically divided into just three parts: the front skirt (P20,300), the rear skirt (P25,200) and the side skirts (P20,900).

Check out the price list below. Perhaps staring at it can help you decide whether to get these TRD items or not--assuming, of course, that you've already purchased a brand-new Yaris.

Photo by Dairy Darilag


2014 Toyota Yaris TRD price list

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