PH parking lots might soon be required to have EV charging stations

Will this push through?
by Drei Laurel | Jan 21, 2019
PHOTO: Niky Tamayo

It looks like the local electric vehicle (EV) movement might soon get a much-needed boost.

A new bill filed in the Senate aims to address the high cost of EVs and the lack of infrastructure to support them. How? By requiring public parking lots and establishments to put up charging stations and dedicated slots for EVs.

Senate Bill No. 2137, filed by committees on economic affairs and energy chair Senator Win Gatchalian, directs the Department of Energy (DOE) to establish an “electric vehicle roadmap” to help accelerate electric transportation in the country.

Aside from requiring public parking spaces to take EVs into account, the bill also mandates open access for the installation of chargers in gasoline stations. This means that an allocated area for chargers will be a requirement for gasoline stations prior to receiving a certificate of compliance from the DOE.

“No permit shall be issued for the construction or renovation of a building or establishment, unless the owner submits to the building official of the concerned local government unit and the DOE a sworn affidavit that there are parking spaces dedicated for the exclusive use of e-vehicles and a copy of the building plan incorporating the same,” the bill states.

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“Notwithstanding the contribution of electric vehicles to energy security, sustainability, and savings, barriers still remain for the development of the industry, specifically the high upfront costs of owning an electric vehicle and the limited charging infrastructure,” Gatchalian said in a statement.

“Thus, it is crucial that a policy and regulatory framework is in place to usher in the uptake of electric vehicles in the country,” the Senator added.

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PHOTO: Niky Tamayo
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