Video: The Great British Auto Show gathers Pinoy fans of UK-brand cars

A different kind of invasion
by Drei Laurel | Jun 26, 2015

Great British Auto Show

Walking through Capitol Commons a few weeks ago, I could've sworn that I saw Rowan Atkinson milling around somewhere. Maybe he went inside the mall? He could have. My best bet, though, was that he was probably sneaking around behind that row of Mini Coopers by the park. Was I dreaming? Did I somehow find myself lost, wandering around in the middle of a Mr. Bean set?

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The answer is no. I found myself in the middle of a British invasion. No, the Beatles weren't landing on a runway somewhere nearby, nor was the Queen scheduled for a royal visit. It was a different kind of English offensive--one of wheels, passion and 100% pure UK automotive goodness. The Great British Auto Show rolled into town on the very last day of May, and it was a sight to behold--dozens of models designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, being treated to that unmistakably warm Filipino hospitality.

On that Sunday, British automotive enthusiasts and collectors displayed their pieces for the public to see. From Minis to Land Rovers, British vehicles of every size, shape and build were proudly parked for both fans and passersby to behold. All that was missing was some fish and chips on the side.

The event was a one-day show organized by British Embassy Manila and presented by your favorite car magazine and website (that's us, of course). Although the affair wasn't packed with celebrities, one couldn't help but agree that it was something truly special. Two cultures, separated by thousands of miles, were united by one common thing: a passion for motoring.

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Now, whether you missed the event or you simply want to relive the moment, our advice is for you to scroll down and watch the video below. Enjoy...and long live British cars!


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