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Here’s the Araneta City Bus Station’s full schedule for Christmas 2021

For those who need to commute this holiday season
PHOTO: Araneta City Bus Station

For vacationers headed north this Christmas and commuters who need more options to get around the metro during the holidays, take note that the Araneta City Bus Station will remain open over the next few weeks.

The station’s management has now shared the routes approved by the Land Transportation and Franchising Board (LTFRB) to operate this holiday season. There will be provincial buses bound for different cities and municipalities in Pampanga, as well as PUVs going around Metro Manila. There should be trips available every hour, but delays are expected due to the heavy traffic in the city.  Check out the lists below for more details.

Provincial bus schedule: 5am to 10pm

  • San Fernando, Pampanga – P150
  • Dau, Pampanga –P180
  • Angeles, Pampanga – P180
  • Arayat, Pampanga – P180

Beep Jeep schedule: 4am to 9pm

  • SSS Marikina
  • Marikina Fortune
  • Philcoa
  • Roces-Pantranco
  • Rosario, Pasig

City bus schedule: 4am to 9pm

  • Doroteo Jose

UBE Express schedule: 5am to 8pm

  • Araneta City-NAIA

The management’s official statement reads: “With the expected influx of commuters traveling for the holidays, strict compliance to standard health and safety measures remain implemented. Physical social distancing and wearing of masks are required in all public transport vehicles. Tickets for trips canceled during the pandemic may be refunded directly to the corresponding bus operators and transit owners.”

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PHOTO: Araneta City Bus Station
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