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HM Transport buses are back and ready to ply the Santa Cruz-Cubao route again

PHOTO: Google Maps

Heads up, commuters. HM Transport Inc. shared some big news recently regarding its operations: The bus operator has once again started plying the Santa Cruz-Cubao and Calamba-Cubao routes via C5.

You can check out the schedules for the routes below:

HM Transport Inc. bus schedules

Santa Cruz-Cubao via Venice C5

  1. 5am
  2. 6am
  3. 2pm
  4. 3pm

Cubao-Santa Cruz via Venice C5

  1. 9am
  2. 10am
  3. 7pm
  4. 8pm

MRT-3 to suspend operations from April 13 to 17

Calamba/Mayapa-Cubao via Venice C5

  1. 6:30am
  2. 7:30am
  3. 3:30pm
  4. 4:30pm

Cubao-Calamba/Mayapa via Venice C5

  1. 8:30am
  2. 9:30am
  3. 6:30pm
  4. 7:30pm

At the very least, this development should provide commuters down south with an alternative way of getting to Metro Manila’s center. This should also ease the burden other modes of public transportation are currently dealing with. Do you plan on taking these buses soon?

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PHOTO: Google Maps
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