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Valenzuela City opens toll barriers after NLEX fails to fix RFID woes

Let’s see how this issue pans out
PHOTO: Rex Gatchalian

It looks like the NLEX Corporation is now in a real bind over in Valenzuela City.

Mayor Rex Gatchalian has followed through on his threat to issue a cease and desist order if the NLEX Corporation is unable to solve its RFID system woes by 5:01pm today. Essentially, the company is now barred from collecting toll fees within the jurisdiction of Valenzuela City. All tollways in the city limits must keep barriers up and allow motorists to pass free of charge.

The move comes just hours after the Valenzuela City government rejected the NLEX Corporation’s request for 15 days to address issues relating to RFID implementation—a request the local government labeled as “not justifiable.”

“We have to remember, ilan sa mga sasakyan na dumaan ngayon are now enjoying what is rightfully theirs. Meaning pag hindi ka binigyan ng maayos na serbisyo, then therefore, dapat hindi tayo nagbabayad para sa isang serbisyo na hindi makatarungan,” the mayor told reporters moments after the order was served and toll gates lifted their barriers.

“So ngayon nakita niyo na open na, diba? I think the economic benefit of that much better, plus tandaan natin ano ba yung original problema? Pumasok tayo dito nakita niyo gaano kahaba yung pila? O ngayon tignan niyo, may pila pa ba? I think yung traffic maski papaano na-alleviate. It may not be the cure to all, pero we’ve addressed one of the major issues of the traffic situation here.”

Gatchalian clarified, though, that nothing has been shut down: “Nothing is being shut down. Ang amin lang, binawi lang ng pagsamantala ang business permit ng NLEX. Yung operation ng tollway tuloy-tuloy yun. Hindi lang sila pwede mangolekta. Nothing is being shut down, let me clarify that.”

This is a developing story. So, are you in favor of what Valenzuela City is doing here? Let us know what you think of this move in the comments.

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PHOTO: Rex Gatchalian
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