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Holy Week update: Number coding suspended from April 12 to 15

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Heads up, motorists: We have some important number coding news to share with you guys.

Last week, we reported that the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) had announced the suspension of the number coding scheme on April 14 and 15. That’s Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. Well, the MMDA has just provided an update, and the suspension now covers April 12 and 13 (Holy Tuesday and Holy Wednesday) as well.

Note that this doesn’t cover the City of Makati; if there are further announcements, we’ll update this story.

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You can check out the MMDA’s official Facebook announcement below:

Holy Week number coding scheme suspension

With this update, motorists can take their cars out between 5pm to 8pm, regardless of the ending numeral on its plate for the majority of Holy Week 2022. And as usual, weekends are not covered by the number coding scheme.

And as previously reported, MMDA personnel and the agency’s Roadside Emergency Group will be on standby throughout Holy Week to provide assistance to motorists in need.

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“Majority of the traffic personnel will be assigned to roads leading to provincial bus terminals, seaports, airports, and major churches, to ensure the safety of thousands of commuters expected to travel to nearby provinces to take advantage of the long Holy Week break,” MMDA chairman Romando Artes said last week.

“These contingency measures are aimed to ensure a peaceful, orderly, and meaningful observance of Lent.”

Well, there you have it. Are you guys planning to head out of town, or will you be staying in Metro Manila and taking advantage of the Holy Week number coding break?

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