Pasig City LGU gives safety reminders amid increase of cyclists on the road

Some safety tips for both cyclists and motorists alike
by Leandre Grecia | Apr 6, 2020
PHOTO: Ian Magbanua

The Pasig City local government has consistently found ways to provide its citizens—especially frontline healthcare workers—some transport alternatives during this enhanced community quarantine. Part of the LGU’s initiatives includes the deployment of bicycles to its constituents.

With the total ban on all public transport, these bikes prove useful tools for frontliners, especially those who reside in the tighter areas of the city which buses and other shuttles can’t reach. Not only that, but the roads are much less congested these days, making the city’s streets more conducive for cyclists.

That said, there are still other vehicles plying our roads today, so cyclists must still observe proper caution. In light of this, the Pasig City LGU has compiled some safety reminders for all the cyclists—seasoned veterans and newbies alike—to observe whenever they hit the road. You can see the list below.

  1. Bikes are welcome everywhere in Pasig
  2.  Follow traffic rules
  3. Be visible
  4. Use hand signals
  5. Give priority to pedestrians
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Of course, the responsibilities don’t only fall on cyclists. Motorists themselves play an equal (if not bigger) part to ensure road safety for all. That’s why the city government has also shared some tips for drivers in the community:

  1. Bigger responsibility is placed on motor vehicles
  2. Follow traffic rules and observe a 30kph speed limit
  3. Yield to pedestrians, bikers, and other vulnerable road users
  4. Maintain a safe distance of 1.5 to 2 meters from bikers
  5. Avoid using horns and watch out for incoming bikes
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Have any more safety tips for bikers to ensure road safety? Drop them in the comments. Meanwhile, if you want to read on other transport initiatives from the LGUs and government agencies during this COVID-19 crisis, you can check out our previous stories here.

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PHOTO: Ian Magbanua
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