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Congress urges DOTr to fast-track transition to 100% RFID toll collection, interoperability

This is still a thing, by the way
PHOTO: Leandre Grecia

Some of you may have become complacent when it comes to installing RFID stickers on your vehicles. And to be honest? We don’t blame you. Our country’s expressways still have cash payment booths on hand at toll plazas anyway.

In case you’ve forgotten, though, the Department of Transportation’s (DOTr) Toll Interoperability Project—which includes a complete shift to cashless tollway payments—is still a thing. In fact, Congress is already urging the agency to hurry up and complete its implementation.

House Resolution no. 159, which urges the DOTr to fast-track the implementation of phases two and three of the Toll Interoperability Project—was filed during the 19th Congress. This means our days of being allowed to pay at toll plazas with cash may still be numbered.

The resolution stressed that it has been more than a year since phase one of the Toll Interoperability Project was implemented. It added that the initiative’s slow progress is already becoming an inconvenience to motorists.

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“Whereas, full implementation of the said project has been long overdue and further delay of its implementation is causing great inconvenience to the public,” the resolution reads.

“Now, therefore, be it resolved as it is hereby resolved, by the House of Representatives, to urge the DOTr and its attached agencies to fast-track the implementation of Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the Toll Interoperability Project; ensuring the promised convenience and seamless travel for motorists plying the expressways in Luzon.”

Frankly, to say that phase one of the project has been implemented is a major stretch. The resolution reads that under the first phase, expressways should have already shifted to 100% cashless and contactless toll payments. This is not yet the case.

Phase two, meanwhile, still has motorists using two separate RFID wallets, but with only a single RFID sticker required to be attached to the vehicle. The last phase will have only one RFID wallet and sticker for all expressways.

So, do you think this project will be completed any time soon? Chime in.

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PHOTO: Leandre Grecia
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