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Report: A pair of US gas stations are suing a competitor for undercutting their fuel prices

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If you can’t beat them…sue them?

According to recent a report by, a pair of gas station operators in the US are suing a competitor for—get this—offering motorists lower fuel prices.

The companies, which operate nearby Shell and BP gas station in Wisconsin, are suing Woodman’s Markets for $80,000 (P4.1 million) in damages. This isn’t just a case of sour grapes, though, as the operators are suing on the basis of the state’s Unfair Sales Act.

How much does it cost to fill up the tanks of these subcompact sedans?

Customers interviewed by WISN stated the obvious: They’re lining up at Woodman’s because the rates at the pump are better. Now the thing is, documents obtained by showed Woodman’s claiming it was lowering its prices in order to compete with a nearby Costco.

A recent statement released by Woodman’s said the company is “in full compliance with its Waukesha store gas pricing and believes this lawsuit is without merit.” Attorneys representing the gas station operators suing have yet to comment on the case.

And all this hoopla going on in the middle of a global fuel crisis, too. Who else here can’t wait for gas prices to trend downwards?

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