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Valenzuela City to NLEX: Meet our conditions or have your business permit revoked

The mayor laid down three requirements that the NLEX Corporation must meet
PHOTO: Leandre Grecia

The Valenzuela City RFID saga continues. After suspending NLEX Corporation’s business permit in the city, Mayor Rex Gatchalian has now officially laid down the requirements in order for the local government to lift the said suspension.

In his letter to the company, Gatchalian cited three main requirements, which you can see below:

1) Clear and concrete solutions to various problems being encountered by the public, like:

  • RFID stickers that easily or immediately wear out.
  • Sensors that cannot promptly read RFID stickers.
  • Missing and/or untimely crediting of loads, erroneous and/or delayed and/or bulk charging of toll fees, and display systems installed in toll gates not showing the real time load.

2) The above solutions should have clear and specific deadlines.

3) Establish measurable performance indexes of success, e.g. high readability rate.

For this purpose, your company should likewise furnish the City Government with copies of this report on a monthly basis. The City Government reserves the right to suspend your business permit again should you fail to furnish us with copies of the subject monthly report and/or in the event of low rate or poor performance.


Gatchalian clarified that the company’s proposed solutions should be satisfactory to both the LGU and the public. The LGU will then check the company’s compliance after the latter has confirmed compliance of all three requirements.

The mayor also stated that the letter serves as a “stern warning” to NLEX Corporation that failure of compliance with Valenzuela City’s Executive Orders will result in the revocation of the business permits of all of its toll plazas within the city limits.

If you want to read the full statement, you can check out the Facebook post below:

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The Toll Regulatory Board also recently issued its warning to all toll operators that if they continue to violate the implementing rules and regulations of the cashless payment policy, they risk getting their toll collection operations suspended.

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PHOTO: Leandre Grecia
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