Nissan now No.2 Japanese carmaker in the world

Sells over 500,000 vehicles globally more than Honda
Jan 31, 2011
CAR BRANDS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - Nissan now No.2 Japanese carmaker in the world

Nissan may not be one of the top players in the Philippine car market in recent years but the Japanese carmaker has proven to be a sales juggernaut everywhere else and it is now the second-largest Japanese car manufacturer in the world.

Nissan Motor Co. reportedly owes its new ranking significantly to its success in the growing Chinese automotive market. According to, Nissan's sales in China grew 36 percent in 2010 for a total of 1.02 million units, easily accounting for 25 percent of the Japanese carmaker's global sales of 4.08 million.

Though global sales of Nissan increased by 22 percent compared to erstwhile second-largest carmaker Honda Motor Co., which sold 3.56 million to register a five percent growth in 2010, both carmakers' figures still fell short of the 8.42 million units sold by the world's automotive leader, Toyota Motor Corporation and its subsidiaries.

The report added that Nissan intends to further push its sales volume in 2011 by launching 10 models that are currently in the pipeline, including the Leaf battery-electric vehicle.

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Nissan is the seventh most popular brand in the Philippines with total sales reaching 8,691 units in 2010 from passenger car distributor Nissan Motor Philippines Corp. and light commercial vehicle distributor Universal Motors Corp.

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