Nissan promo: Price cuts for the holiday season

Shopping for a new car this Christmas?
Dec 3, 2010
CAR MODELS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - Nissan promo: Slashed prices for its vehicles for the holiday season

Nissan Motor Philippines, Inc. (NMPI) is slashing the prices of its Sentra, X-Trail and Grand Livina models to gives more Filipinos a chance to drive their own Nissan vehicle through various affordable payment options.

Customers can drive home the 1.6-liter Sentra GSX with a low down payment of P85,000, the Grand Livina Elite at P140,000 and the 2-liter, two-wheel-drive  X-Trail at P160,000. The down payment option also includes an all-in package, entitling customers to the three-year LTO registration, one-year comprehensive insurance and chattel mortgage all for free.

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For those on a budget, a 50-percent down payment and terms of up to 60 months come with the low monthly option. This allows the customers to bring home the 1.3-liter Sentra GX at P6,345, the Grand Livina Elite at P9,295 and the 2-liter, two-wheel-drive X-Trail at P11,302 per month.

Zero-interest installment plans can also be enjoyed by customers with all variants of the Grand Livina at 12 months, the 2-liter, two-wheel-drive X-Trail at 24 months and the 1.6-liter Sentra GS and GSX at 36 months.

Customers can also enjoy saving money on their new Nissan vehicles by paying in cash. The 1.3-liter Sentra GX can save them P56,300 while the 1.6-liter GS variant saves them as much as P106,300. All variants of the Grand Livina saves P59,000 while the 2-liter, two-wheel-drive X-Trail saves P93,000.

"Now is really the best time for customers to choose Nissan vehicles and get one that suits their lifestyle," said Val de Leon, Nissan Philippines’ senior vice president for marketing and sales. “Customers are definitely in for a treat with our exciting 'Slashed' packages, aimed at making the holidays truly special for them and their families."

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Nissan Philippines' promo runs until December 15.

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