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TRD watch for 2014 Vios Cup champion

Last night, Toyota Motor Philippines officially announced and handed out the awards for the 2014 Vios Cup season. And as we had already expected, 15-year-old Luis Gono was formally declared the overall champion. For winning the coveted title, Gono got a handsome trophy and, well, a brand-new Toyota Vios 1.5G MT.

To top it all off, TMP gave the young racer a limited-edition TRD chronograph watch. This particular design is limited to just 200 pieces, and Gono's watch has serial number 158. Made in Japan, the timepiece was engraved at the back with the following: "2014 Vios Cup Champion."

We imagine Luis showing up at school the following morning--he's in third year high school--with the watch wrapping his wrist. We also imagine him being envied by classmates who can't even drive yet.

Damn! That's a fine piece of watch. Congratulations, Luis!

Photos from Carlos Gono


TRD watch for 2014 Vios Cup champion

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