Hyundai teases its new electric race car

It will be shown in Frankfurt next month
by Stephen Dobie | Aug 7, 2019

Back in May, we learned that Hyundai was teaming up with Rimac to “collaborate on two high-performance electric vehicles by 2020.”

This would appear to be the first. Well, the weeniest little look at it. This is our first glimpse of an all-electric Hyundai race car, which will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

“This exciting new chapter promises to showcase Hyundai’s high-performance capabilities, its green technology credentials, and its unwavering passion for motorsport,” we’re told.

But we’re not told a lot else. Quite what form this car takes—and what championship it’ll compete in—is a secret for now. We suspect it’s not Formula E, though, given the hatchback-esque shape of what’s in the teaser video above.

It’s some sort of touring car, we suspect, especially given the new E TCR series launches in 2020. The Hyundai i30N TCR has been doing pretty well this year, so a plug-in version could well help pioneer the format’s electric alternative.

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More news—and actual pictures—in early September. Excited?

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PHOTO: Hyundai Motorsport on YouTube
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