Relax: All-new Toyota RAV4 will have cheaper 4x2 variants

Here are their prices
by Vernon B. Sarne | Dec 12, 2012

Toyota RAV4

Yesterday, we reported that Toyota Motor Philippines would soon launch the all-new, fourth-generation RAV4. We also said that TMP would introduce just one variant, a very expensive P1.963-million 4x4 version. As expected, those who read it were immediately up in arms and made known their displeasure both here and on our Facebook page--most of whom said they'd rather go for the Honda CR-V or wait for the equally new Subaru Forester.

Wait a minute, says our source. Apparently, we misunderstood the information relayed to us. Indeed, there will only be one 4x4 variant for the all-new RAV4, but there will also be two 4x2 variants. While our source still can't reveal the full specs for all variants, he has already supplied us with the prices for the other variants.

The entry-level 4x2 variant will cost P1,357,000, while the full-option 4x2 variant will go for P1,581,000.

So, are these less expensive variants more appealing to you now?

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