Video: Hyundai believes autopilot tech will enable the blind to enjoy cars

A brilliant vision (no pun intended)
by Drei Laurel | Nov 16, 2015


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A few months back, we ran into a video showing a blind-driving competition. It was a bittersweet feeling, seeing the visually impaired get behind the wheel--because no matter how heartwarming it was to witness them enjoy their brief driving stint, we knew that there was very little chance any of them would enjoy a car outside the track. Well, all that might be about to change with the help of driverless vehicle technology.

Hyundai has released a promotional video advocating the development of autopilot features in everyday cars. But there's a more noble cause behind it outside of pushing the boundaries of driving technology. One day, if autopilot technology advances far enough, the handicapped may get the chance to experience a car on their own. In the case of the video above, it's a young blind boy who finally gets his turn behind the wheel. Granted, they won't be in control of the vehicle as much as those with normal eyesight. But still, the idea that one day the blind will be able to drive on normal roads and in everyday traffic, is an inspiring thought.

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Over the past few years, we've seen the automotive industry make leaps in innovation in terms of autonomous cars and driverless tech. It's good to see that there are people who intend on using these developments for a worthwhile cause instead of just showing off or being complete idiots. We can barely imagine what it would be like to be unable to drive, let alone be unable to see. Kudos to Hyundai for having a noble cause for autopilot technology.


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