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Video: What makes the Ford F-150 Raptor stick to just about any trail surface?

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We all know that the Ford F-150 Raptor is one capable truck. We even featured a short article with a teaser video about how this toughie likes to play out in the dirt--particularly in the Mojave Desert. But have you ever wondered what makes it all possible? To be precise, what makes the truck stick to even the most slippery surface out there?

Part of the credit goes to the specially designed long-travel suspension. The wheel and the spring articulation are built to withstand the most punishing conditions thrown at them. Then there's the cool six-mode off-road system that has, well, six presets that are designed for almost any kind of road (or lack thereof). According to Ford, the last bit of hardware is the grippy BFGoodrich T/A KO2 tires. They aren't your ordinary rubber purchased at a shop and slapped onto the truck. They were developed alongside the Raptor to ensure that they match the truck's abilities perfectly.

This can be seen in things like a new tread pattern with a fully optimized contact patch and surface area. This essentially means that the tires will stick to just about any surface like glue (well, almost). Off-road performance is given more muscle thanks to added channels between the tread and the large sidewall lugs. Finally, the tires are even more comfortable with new steel and nylon belts that aren't just durable but are quieter as well. In short, the tire is as well-engineered as the truck itself.

Don't believe us? How about watching the short video above to see for yourself?


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