Which carmaker will make the next recall announcement?

Bookmakers share revealing numbers
Oct 29, 2010

Want to make a quick buck off the misfortune of carmakers? Then why not pool together your car-loving friends and bet on which car manufacturer will be the next one to announce a recall of its products?

According to Mickey Richardson, chief executive of Bookmaker.com, one of the largest sportsbooks in the world, General Motors (GM) is the likeliest carmaker to join the recall bandwagon--if you can call it that--with a 28-percent chance of making the announcement soon.

If you’d like to receive a big payout, however, bet on the carmaker that’s the least likely to announce a recall as it earns the most amount of money.

Bookmaker.com’s calculations reveal that other carmakers that are most likely going to announce a recall are Chrysler (25 percent), Nissan (21 percent), Ford (20 percent), Audi and Volkswagen (18 percent), and Mercedes-Benz (17 percent).

Ready to place your bets?

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