That’s the same 3.5-liter EcoBoost powertrain also found in the Ford GT
You may have not heard about this, but the Ford Ranger has seen quite a lot of success as a full-fledged rally truck, specifically in the South African Country Cross Series (SACCS).For the last two years, the Ford Castrol Cross
We find out during an out-of-town escapade
The past few months, we've given you some perspectives on the updates that Ford has given their new 2018 EcoSport. However, the improvements to the car are not merely cosmetic. The car has been given substantive upgrades to the drivetrain and
And gets Eco-Squared in the process
These are the days I live for: Another Top Gear PH shoot out in the middle of nowhere. Nothing but me, a brand-new car, and rolling roads as far as the eye can see. An invitation to indulge in some spirited
Has Ford addressed its flaws?
What is it?Ford's offering to the horribly crowded, but highly lucrative subcompact crossover segment. Based on the last-generation Fiesta's underpinnings, it has all the ingredients to rise above the melee, but somehow has never lived up to the
The times are changing
Remember when buying a car was simple? Yeah, neither can we. Today, prospective car shoppers-even younger, less-diligent ones-have to consider everything: from the vehicle's design and versatility, right down to the number of cupholders and USB ports it
With Dolph Lundgren on-board
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here. The first vehicles that come to mind when you talk of three-cylinder engines are usually motorcycles. After all, the lump has been the
The EcoBoost of oil-burners
Diesel engines have been in the news lately, as the German government continues to investigate other carmakers following the events of Volkswagen's "Dieselgate." Despite the bad press oil-burners have been getting in Europe, it hasn't discouraged Ford from investing
Improving fuel economy by 4.5%
Automotive manufacturers are already OCD about stripping weight from a car's chassis, body and interior by using exotic materials, but why not the engine itself? Obvious, isn't it? Well, Ford has had a go, and the results are not to
4 variants for sedan and hatchback
If you follow us on Facebook, you know that we drove today the new Ford Focus sedan and hatchback, a pair of refreshed versions first unveiled to Asia in Shanghai back in April. And if you do see our Facebook posts, surely
The Everest is our favorite
To be honest, we were absolutely clueless as to what a "lifestyle" drive entailed when we received an e-mail from Ford Philippines inviting us to take part in such an event. The carmaker gave no clue as to what we would
See the complete list of winners
For three straight years, Ford's brilliant 1.0-liter EcoBoost motor reigned as International Engine of the Year. But BMW, no stranger to winning awards for its great engines, eclipsed Ford's mighty mill by a few points this year. In
Moving away from its fuel-thirsty image
Ford used to have a reputation for making cars with huge, gas-guzzling engines. The Mustang, the Expedition and the F-150 are the culprits models most associated with wasteful consumption of our planet's precious fossil fuels. Yet oil crises in
Is 365hp enough for you?
When Ford Philippines introduced the all-new Escape and a variant of the Explorer this week, we thought the big story of the night would be the American carmaker's compact SUV. We had certainly waited long enough for it. But we
An unprecedented feat
She may not know it yet, but one of our writers is driving around in a Ford Fiesta powered by a three-time recipient of the International Engine of the Year Award. (Sharleen Banzon has the car now as we write this.)
We drive it to Tagaytay and back
A quick drive from Manila to Tagaytay can let you know more about a car in just a few hours. You get to determine figures for highway driving, tackle road ascents, and even feel how the car fares in the metro when
It's an ego-booster
When Ford introduced the new family look on the Fiesta, it was kind of disappointing that it didn't gain any speed to go with the racy nose. In fact, it lost a little of the pep that went with the
Perfect for that Shelby 289 FIA Cobra?
Yesterday, we told you about the limited-edition 289 FIA Cobras that Shelby American is making 50 units of. As we mentioned, the 50 cars are all just rolling chassis, which means they won\'t have any drivetrains underneath the frame and
We test it in Chiang Mai, Thailand
There\'s no replacement for displacement, some enthusiasts say. But that\'s not always the case anymore. Car manufacturers like Ford are leaning more and more toward smaller-displacement engines combined with turbocharging, direct fuel injection and variable valve timing, not just
Now with EcoBoost power
As Ford celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Mustang in 2014, the American carmaker is now presenting the all-new, sixth-generation model \"around the globe in six cities on four continents.\"\"The Ford Mustang inspires passion like no other car,\" said
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